Daily Lune #21

where are the babies
and the girls
in shame, they’re hidden


I’m sorry…well, not sorry…I cannot let this go. I feel I must continue to “scream” for justice in whatever way that I can. For the children. For the parents who have been terrorized by our government after fleeing terror in their own country.

It has been said, this is not who we are…I have said it…but the truth is, this is very much who we are and have always been since we came to these shores. Our dark nature revealed itself when we stole this country from Native peoples, when we enslaved Africans, when we subjugated women, denying them rights to property and the vote, when we refused entry to Jews fleeing persecution (read your history… Roosevelt only caved after 14 months of rejecting refugees, when the political pressure became too great), when we interred Japanese American families in concentration camps, when we segregated and designated our schools and other common areas, “whites only”, when we abandoned victims of natural disasters in places like the gulf coast after Katrina and our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico, when we deemed the rights of the NRA and its members more valuable then the lives of our children, and most recently, when we create “unaccompanied minor” status for children that we have ripped from their parents who are simply, lawfully requesting asylum. We would rather believe lies than face the truth. This is who we are. I am ashamed. I am brokenhearted. I know we can do better. Yet, I am at a loss to understand why so many of us are not trying.


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