Old School

I remember thrilling over
black and white marbled
composition notebooks and
fresh boxes of peacock blue
ink cartridges for my fountain
pen…it was a time when only
sheets of pressed parchment
were acceptable mediums for
my finished masterpieces…
dropped into plastic protective
sleeves, collated into 3-ring
binders, eventually boxed away
in the attic or the basement
to collect dust while waiting
to be rediscovered, words
spilled out, so easily tucked
away until the next sequence
of adjectives and verbs
dribbled onto blank pages,
beautiful scribbles, cross
outs and bleeding  blots of
ink collecting in the creases….
I remember those days,
it was not so long ago, but
now there are no sloppy
folded sheets of words
to remind me of the process,
now there is backspace,
delete and


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