Pennyworth – Friday’s Word of the Day

So, today is Black Friday in the U.S. I try to avoid going out at the crack of dawn with thousands of crazed shoppers who have been known to fight over the ‘last one left’ of the latest, greatest widget of the day. I don’t need anything that dearly.

But that’s where’s Word of the Day comes in. It is Pennyworth. And it means pretty much what it sounds like it does: ‘as much as can be bought for a penny’. It also a means: ‘a bargain, a small amount’, and my personal favorite, ‘a person’s contribution to a conversation, especially one that is unwelcome’. It originated ‘before the year 1000; Middle English penyworth, Old English penigweorth’.

It’s a pretty basic word. I couldn’t find much about it to write home about, but there was one thing that caught my eye. Did you know that Batman’s Butler, Alfred’s full name is, Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth? I did not. So now we can add this new information to our “Things Every Self-Respecting Nerd Needs to Know” Bucket.

Hope you have a great weekend! Here’s a Haiku.

pennyworth seekers
rise before dawn to mingle
with the early birds


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