Jammy – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku


Happy Friday! Today’s Dictionary.com Word of the Day is Jammy. Now, if you are living in the US you might be thinking that this word is a short version or slang for the word pajamas. And you’d be right.

Then there are our neighbors across the pond who define Jammy altogether differently. To be “jammy” is an enviable place to be indeed. It means to be “very lucky”.

Unless of course your referring to something that has jam, is covered in jam, or filled with jam…then saying jammy would mean something entirely different, like a jammy doughnut.



Jammie Biscuits

I also discovered that there is a delicious British biscuit made of shortbread and a layer of raspberry jam called a Jammie Dodger. Note to self…if I ever happen to find my way across the Atlantic, must try these yummy “cookies”.

The word originated in the 1800’s in its English form. It is associated with several idioms that all relate to having an easy go of things…or luck: to have  jam on it “to have something easy,”  real jam or pure jam, “something  easy or pleasant.

As I consider the various uses we have for this word I am imagining how jammy I would be if I could spend the day in my jammies eating Jammy Dodgers. (with a cuppa tea of course!) Ah…bliss!

Here’s a haiku too. Now back to my daydreaming about being so jammy!

Jam, Jammy, Jammies

perfect job and life
we should all be so jammy
not stuck in a jam


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