The Clerihew

Another new form, the Clerihew. Said to be a witty verse it is made up of two couplets and a specific rhyme scheme: aabb. It was created by 16 year old Edmund Clerihew in the late 19th century. From the examples it seems one needs to be famous to be featured in a Clerihew. The person’s name should appear in the first line.

Donald Trump, our President
Is now a White House resident.
His wife and son live in the City.
Separated, what a pity.

Beyoncé, “Bey”, pops’s First Lady
just announced she’ll birth two babies.
With big sis Blue and dad JZ
their family grows to 5 from 3.

A slick-haired crooner known as Elvis
caused quite a stir with his loose pelvis
but that was not his mortal sin.
’twas booze and pills that did him in.

Hi there friends, my name is Kat
but I’m not famous; not “all that”.
So, this is an “alt-clerihew”.
I’m quite notorious…it’s true!

~kat – 5 February 2017
(Clerihew Poems)

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