Twittering Tale #13 – 17 January 2017


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a prompt photo, and your mission is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.

If you accept the challenge, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale. A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing us a new prompt.  Have Fun!
Here is the roundup based on last week’s photo from


From LadyLee Manila a poetic tale about life:

a bridge of time so to speak
challenges we try to manage
from the bridge we see the world
seen sunrises and sunsets
days and nights no regrets
(138 Characters)

Michael of morpethroad, a bit of mischief…

They met a man upon the bridge on their way to market.
The dog growled, the girls screamed.
The man giggled. Then they threw him in the drink.
(140 Characters)

Kathryn of anotherfoodieblogger gave us a solemn tale that I’m sure many can relate to…

The family stopped at the top of the bridge, admiring the golden sunset of his favorite lake.
“Is it time?”
“It is time. Scatter the ashes.”

From Willow a triumphant tale of victory…

We’d watch the sunset from the bridge, celebrating that we have survived another week. All of us, even the dog had beaten the big C!
(136 Characters)

From Sonali at howling with the wolf, a reminder that none of us a alone…

Nobody knew about the inspiration – his three friend and dog infallible support team.
The painting, however, sold for 4 million.
(127 Characters)

Newcomer, Mick at MicksBlog, really got into the challenge with not one but three poetic tweets…

Silhouettes, eclipsing light.
Moon darkening the sun.
Partners traversing wooden bridge
Can they see silhouettes.
Yes, shouting back at me.
(138 Characters)
The joy of silhouettes,
Setting sun many thanks.
Your plight is nearly done.
Moon to has power to create
Much silhouetting fun.
(123 Characters)
black silhouettes
a humped wooden bridge as well
a dog with master
three people suddenly freeze
silhouettes in fear of hound
(121 Characters)

Lorraine’s frilly Freudian slip made me LOL with its odd twist at the end!

“Nice Doggie,” the girls said. Little did they know that the full moon was rising and this was a were-poodle: a house-size version of a were-wolf.
(135 Characters)

Joy at PoetryJoy proves that “every picture tells a story” by presenting us with three tweets (a story and 2 poems) based on the photo:

First the story…
He saw them framed by sun’s dying rays, knew it might come to this. He’d already lost wife and child; now they wanted his canine friend.
(137 characters)

Poem One…
A dying sun’s rays bathes inky figures
The river ripples with golden glints
Time and tide wait for no man
His canine friend beckons
But he wants to run
(140 characters)

Poem Two…
All is solemn, still, a place
now steeped in silhouettes
Bathed in liquid gold, they wait
His dog moves forward eagerly
But he pauses, hesitates
(140 characters)

Our new friend Gayl Wright, who heard about the challenge from Joy, joined us this week with a mystery…

An evening walk
A gorgeous sunset
Blinded by the fiery ball
They were mesmerized
In that very instant she vanished
Where did she go?
Would she ever return?
(149 Characters)

Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode zoomed in on the person in the boat hidden under the bridge for her tale. Good eye Louise!

“None of them knew I was there, under the bridge, but I heard everything.”
“Yes. I’ll testify. He did it. He killed them all.”
(134 Characters)

From Pat at blackcatalley, we get a glimpse at the beyond through the eyes of a couple of lost “tourists”…

“The Golden Gate’s view is disappointing,” she said.
The man replied, “This is Rainbow Bridge.”
“We’re …?”
“Yup.” And his dog happily barked.
(140 Characters)

Irena from booksandhottea shares a common story that anyone with a beautiful, big dog can relate to…(me included)

Three smiling faces welcomed Tom. He felt lucky to have such good friends, unaware it was his dog Barkley they were really happy to see.
(138 Characters)

and finally my tale
Agent Smith knew the Association would eventually find him.

“Go home to your families while you can,” he sighed, “nothing can save us now.”
(139 Characters)

I loved the diversity of this round up of tales and your eagle eye attention to the details of the photograph. As Joy mentioned on her blog, “every picture tells a story”…quite a few stories in fact.

Of course I am delighted to welcome new members to our creative flock of tweeters! I hope you’ll come back and take a stab at the photo below. If I missed your twittering tale, please let me know so I can be sure to add you to the roundup and post a link to your blog.

The prompt photo below is from So…what’s going on in this photo? Tell us all the juicy details…in 140 characters or less, of course! 😉

Have a great week. See you back on Tuesday! 🙂


Twittering Tale #13 – 17 January 2017


Acting paranoid he whispered, “No one believes me. But I swear I saw ’em, plain as day!”

“Just start from the beginning,” she assured him.

(138 characters)

kat ~ 17 January 2017

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