Ensorcell – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku 

Happy Friday! Time to take a look at today’s Word of the Day on dictionary.com and come up with a haiku or two…or three.

It would not be an understatement to say that I am ensorcelled by words, though I didn’t realize it until today, that I am, or that ensorcelled is a thing. At any rate it is, a thing that is, or at least it was, sometime back in the late 16th century when it emerged from the old French verb ensorceler meaning “to bewitch”,  related to “sorcerer” and “sorcery.”

Apparently,  other similarly ensorcelled wordies have recently stumbled upon this new, old word. It is cropping up in modern dialogue in social and political commentary. Actually if one thinks about it, “ensorcelled” is the perfect way to describe unthinking masses who fawn over blatantly unqualified political candidates with wild ideologies. But I digress!

I also discovered that ensorcell is term used in video gaming circles as it refers to tools and weaponry that allow one to gain new levels of play. As you might suspect, these games tend to feature wizards and dragons and the like.

And finally, Ensorcelled, is the name of an award winning American-style dark, barrel-aged, sour beer that derives its “puckering tartness and beguiling complexity” from raspberries, with a hint of chocolate. If that sounds enchanting to you, best of luck finding a bottle. The producer’s website states that its latest batch is “sold out”, which is probably the best way to define something that is ensorcelled. It is often the illusion of a thing, however real or attainable, that enthralls us most.

Here are a few Haiku to put this word of the day, and me, to rest. I just noticed that it is 3 am. It’s a wearily familiar occurrence. Once again, I am ensorcelled by the words rattling around in my brain at this witching hour! I need sleep! Good night and good day! 😊

Ensorcelled – The Haiku

we choose our poison
based on preconceived notions
all are ensorcelled

they were ensorcelled,
a generation silenced
by driveling tweets

ensorcelled voyeurs
gasp, but cannot look away
like moths to a flame

-kat – 28 October 2016

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