Etymology – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

The etymology of the word etymology according to
“Etymology finds its roots in the Greek terms étymos meaning “true” and lógos meaning “word, reason.” It entered English in the late 1300s.”

It is no secret that I am fascinated by words; their history, applications, country of origin, I love learning about how a word finds its way I nto our common vocabulary because I have been known to make up new words myself!

I love that elements of today’s word are derived from words like “true” and reason” because I believe that words matter. And I also believe that truth and reason are vitally important elements of everyday discourse.

Perhaps the reason so many of us are feeling frustrated and dismayed by the current state of our conversations, is that much of what we hear has been reduced to sensational sound bites where truth and reason are less important than shock value. In a world of unlimited access to communication, news and information, we are less informed because we have forgotten the root of the words we use, and ultimately, because we have veered from truth and reason, the words we speak increasingly fall on deaf ears.

Truth matters…reason matters…words matter…anything less is just noise.

writers in the know
know their etymology
is a linguist’s dream

kat – 7 October 2016

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