You might be deplorable,
horrible even, as adjectives go
no way to deny this despicable fact
actions speak louder than spin
indeed there are signs
lines boldly crossed
lost is all civil decorum
forums for haters draw furious mobs
snobbishly righteous,
outrageously rude
moot is all reason, truth doesn’t matter
flatter the barker, he’ll tickle your ears
fear’s the new master
disaster looms large
charges of treason for opposing views
booing and hissing vile, slanderous spew
you might be deplorable.

kat ~ 17 September 2016

Another circular poem for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge. This one was churning in bits and lines in my notebook, like magnetic poetry that needed tweaking. 😉 

Note: I had originally listed two poems in this post. I decided to give Raindrop her own voice. She moved HERE.  🙂

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