hate loving you


Oh, surely I knew
you’d be trouble when we met.
Yet, despite every warning
mornings have never been as sweet,
complete, as they are with you.
True, you had me at first glance,
chance tossed our souls
whole into passion’s fire.
Desire never fading,
jading me against anyone new…
too late now to let you go.
Oh, surely I knew!

kat – 16 September 2016
I blame this sappy Circular poem on the full, harvest, penumbral lunar eclipsing moon this afternoon. 😉 I  jest. It is actually written in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge to write a Circular Poem on circles, cycles, seasons, life.  (A circular poem is written by repeating the first line again at the end, and along the way, having the last word of each line rhyme with the first word of the next).

About this poem…Having fallen for a few “wrong” types in my life, I have learned that I am painfully hesitant when it comes to making things right and moving on. I get caught in a spiraling spin, in, then out, then back in love with the wrong person who feels so right! Of course I am an expert at justifying each lapse. I can only imagine how many breaths I’ve wasted! But some memories do make for good stories. Also, I must say, I’ve learned about people, and most importantly, about myself through each ill-fated encounter.

At any rate. Enjoy. The moon will be phasing into its eclipse soon. I’m thinking perhaps I should stay away from the keyboard! 🙂 (or maybe I best stay glued to it! Who knows what lunacy lurks on a day such as this! :))

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