Gaposis – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

Happy Friday! Today’s Word of the Day is Gaposis! I could not find a lot of information about this word. It is a facetious term coined in the 1950’s that describes someone who suffers from clothing so tight that there are bulging gaps between the buttons or snaps. 

These days the gaposis afflicted may be seen congregating at Walmart. These late night creepers might imply that gaposis has spread to epidemic proportions! But fortunately they seem to be isolated to the deep dropping sales aisles. I’m not sure why. Just an observation and fortunately, it does not appear to be contagious. 

The worst cases of gaposis to be documented in modern literature and film are the Incredible Hulk, Alice of Wonderland after one of her unfortunate growing spurts…and last but not least, poor Violet Beauregard of Willy Wonka fame. You may know of others… 

I don’t believe I’ve ever suffered from gaposis. But it might be said that I have the opposite -osis…if there was a word for it…tentosis. The propensity to wear loose fitting clothes. What can I say? I like to be comfortable…and covered! 

At any rate, here is my haiku. Have a great weekend!

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    Her bulging gut proved
    she suffered from gaposis…
    She was no size 5!

    ~kat 2 September 2016

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