Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 29 August 2016

by Kat 2016 ~ A yellow rose invites us to remember…”

Sometimes a week can whiz by in a flash, and then there are times when the week crawls by at a snail’s pace. This past week was the latter for me.

I feel I should be glad for weeks like these the older I get. Why in the world would I wish for days to fly by. I’ve passed the halfway mark based on average life expectancy. I have less days left than I have lived. And yet when a work week drags on like it did last week, I kept hoping it would go faster because I had big plans to take a trip to celebrate my grandson’s sixth birthday. It was so worth the wait and a wonderful fun time!  Like many good times, over way too soon!

Many of us live for the weekends, for vacations, for mornings we can sleep in and for cool starry summer nights, for break time, lunch time, for the closing bell. Just thinking about all this makes me want to slow things down and focus on savoring every moment of everyday. And I am thinking, the next time I try to wish my work week along, I might actually need to pause, breathe deeply and count my blessings.

It’s Sunday and this week’s Shi Sai has nothing to do with my present reflections. But it was the week that was just the same. To summarize, I was very focused on world events, which always hits me in the gut. My deepest wish is that each person would know their value and be treated with honor, respect and acceptance. We all deserve love by virtue of our humanity. So that’s what last week was about, according to my ReVerse. And I almost missed it waiting for the weekend.

This coming week I’m adding to my to-do list. When the world starts crawling by, I shall imagine it to be a great opportunity to notice my surroundings…to notice who happens to be sharing that space with me and to extend kindness. It’s not enough to breathe deeply and count my blessings…I need to be a blessing too!

Have a wonderful week my fellow WordPressers. I’m smiling right now just thinking about you. Yes, you! ❤️

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 29 August 2016

curl your tongue and twist your face
cut deep to the heart
this end can be avoided
anything less is showy fluff
but I have to yell you
rhyming soothes the soul
how high would you climb
for love of neighbor
for there is inspiration to be found
and a dusty old tradition was shattered by an antique, just like that
worth every penny
what a bloody mess this is
all of our blood runs red.


The Shi Sai, (formerly known as a ReVerse) is a new form I came up with during Poetry Month in April 2016. I’ve actually been writing shu sai for years but was inspired to give it a prooer name. It is a poem created by taking one line of verse from several poems of an author’s own collection. The shi sai is done as a review of a series or collection of poems and therefore, each line should flow in chronological order of the dates the poems were written (from oldest to new). The lines chosen should be the author’s favorite from each poem. This form works best if the author resists the temptation to read the full new poem before all the verses have been added. (It helps one to resist the impulse to change a line to make it “fit”.

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