Truepenny – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

Today’s word of the day is Truepenny. Most dictionaries agree almost word for word on its meaning. It is defined as an honest, trustworthy person; the Encarta Dictionary adds the word “loyal” in its description, as well as an added definition: the name given to a coin of genuine value. 

It originated during the mid 1500’s and one source I read stated that even though most of us would not consider a penny to be a coin of value, we have kept the term around all these centuries because it is found in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. From the site WorldwideWords:

“…this word is best remembered because it features in Hamlet, in the scene in which his father’s ghost tells Hamlet of his murder and asks him to avenge it. When Marcellus and Horatio enter, the ghost cries from the cellar below for them to swear that they will never divulge what Hamlet is about to tell them. Hamlet shouts to his father, “Art thou there, truepenny?”.

Calling someone a Truepenny is definitely a compliment. It’s a term of endearment and trust. Here is my haiku then…a penny for your thoughts!

worth every penny
or at least two pennies worth
a truepenny’s words.

kat ~ 26 Auguest 2016

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