Seasoning – Part 6

Seasoning – Part 6

It had been a stormy day. As the taxi rounded the curve at the edge of Waverly Estate, a beautiful full rainbow graced the dark skies in the distance. Hannah just knew it was a sign that her dreams were coming true. The whole world was opening up to her. She settled into her seat, leaning her head against the window, taking it all in as the taxi headed to the city.

Henry was not happy with his sister.

“How dare you come here unannounced and take it upon yourself to manage my life as if you know what I need! You’ve crossed the line this time Helen. When this person arrives, you can send her right back where she came from. I have no use for her, or for you. And don’t get too comfortable here. I expect you to make arrangements to leave on the next train!”

“Well Henry, that is simply not an option. I’m protecting my own interest in this home as well you know. I refuse to let you run it into the ground! Our parents, and their parents before them would be heartbroken over how you’ve let things go. I’ll not have it! And you, dear brother need to get a grip. It’s been three years Henry! Alice, and yes I’ll say her name…Alice would be so sad to see you like this!”

The doorbell chimed.

“Remember what I said Henry,” Helen admonished as she glanced through the window at the taxi at the curb, “I expect you to be cordial to this young woman.

Helen opened the door while Henry scowled, arms crossed, in the parlor.

“Hello Hannah dear, i hope you didn’t encounter that awful storm on your trip. So nice to finally meet you in person!”

“Hello Mrs. Chambers.”

“Please call me Helen.”

Hannah smiled, “Hello Helen. And no, we missed the storm! Actually there was the most beautiful rainbow…” Hannah’s escalating enthusiasm faded slightly as she glimpsed a sullen Henry standing in the parlor.

Helen followed her glance, “Hannah, this is my brother Henry. He lives here. I’m just visiting as you know, and plan to stay until you’re comfortable with your duties.”

Henry stepped forward ignoring Hannah’s extended hand. “To be clear Miss, your presence here is my meddling sister’s doing. I have no need for a housekeeper or gardener or whatever else it is that she’s hired you to do. I take my meals out and work long hours. You and I will get on as long as I don’t see or hear you.” Henry glared at his sister as he stormed out of the room.

Hannah flashed a confused look toward Helen who chuckled, “Don’t pay him any mind Hannah. He’ll warm up to the idea, and to you soon enough. Let’s get you settled in your quarters.


Installment #6 of a fiction series prompted by Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge and this Rainbow painting. You can read other installments HERE and scrolling to the series named Seasoning. 

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