Freedom – Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

This has been a really enjoyable three days. I really do like gleaning for quotes. It gets the brain clicking and inspires. For the third and final day in honor of election season here in the US I chose the word Freedom. Some say freedom isn’t free…that freedom is a right…or that it is never given freely, and must be earned or taken…while others say that it is a state of mind or an attitude: one is free the minute they believe they are. It’s a topic that many have an opinion on including the great minds I’m sharing with you today (I got carried away…there are more than three!). At any rate I hope that on this 21st day of July you have the freedom to be or at least friends and loved ones around you to remind you that you do. 🙂

Thanks again to Elsie for nudging me to take up the challenge. If you decide to post a quote of your own, be sure to ping me. 🙂



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