History Repeating

“Let me see your happy faces,”the artist was clearly frustrated with his subjects. Never had he met such disagreeable children.

Behind him their mother sat in the corner of the parlor sipping tea, her pinkie finger raised perfectly. She was clearly apathetic to the artist’s plight, sighing incessantly from boredom.

When her tea grew cold she bloviated, “Come now children, smile for mommy. Chocolates for each of you when we finish.” The two sulked, barely complying.

Hours later, when the artist presented the mother with the portrait, she tossed his fee on the table without even the courtesy of a “thank you”.

Decades later, these children grew up to become dreadful adults. The girl is now a self-absorbed shrew who spends her time on perpetual holiday amongst the elite, and the boy? Well, I heard that he is running for president.

~kat – 25 June 2016
(142 Words)

For Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge #1. I am afraid that life and work limited my writing time last week. But this half written story begged a finish, even if it is a bit late to the party. There is already another wonderful prompt waiting to inspire. Be sure to visit Jane’s Blog for a good read or to enter one of her challenges! 

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