Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 5 June 2016

Happy Sunday Lovies! It has been a magnificent week of “-ations” …revelation, anticipation, elation, determination, jubilation, inspiration, illumination, syncopation, celebration…oh yeah!

Celebrated a milestone birthday this week and this event affected everything I wrote. Needless to say, the celebration continues! In fact, each moment, each breath is a celebration!

If I learned anything at all this week, it is this, (thank you Magnolia tree for the reminder) that in order to be happy, live fully and make this life count, one must greet each moment with arms (or petals) wide open, because life is fragile and fleeting, but it’s also fragrant, inspiring and wonderful.Celebrate everything! The good, the mundane, even the bad stuff. It’s all part of the puzzle. While it may take a bit of tweaking we need every piece of the puzzle to complete the picture.

 Am I rambling? Perhaps a bit. But rambling is okay. And standing still works too. Just remember to breathe along the way and try not to blink…you might miss something really really great!

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 5 June 2016

I’ll take
my diamonds at
dawn, chartreuse,
dewy, baubles…
mystic alchemy
…through frosted glass
my heart remembers
Serendipitous, indeed!
Dutch oily balls and cakes
deep-fried dough doused in sugar
stuff yourselves with olykoeks
cloak the night as dew descends
lemony sweet ivory, bursting at dawn,
A breach in the chain
Piercing through one’s heart
Lingering scorches.

kat ❤️

The Shi Sai, a form created by Kat Myrman in April 2016, is a poem created by taking one line of verse from several poems of an author’s own collection. The shi sai is done as a review of a series or collection of poems and therefore, each line should flow in chronological order of the dates the poems were written (from oldest to new). The lines chosen should be the author’s favorite from each poem. This form works best if the author resists the temptation to read the full new poem before all the verses have been added. (It helps one to resist the impulse to change a line to make it “fit”)

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