Adventures..Um…DISASTERS in Baking

My daughter’s baby shower is next weekend and it is everything yellow. I thought some Lemon French Macaroons would be really pretty on the table, but I’m intimidated by anything French so I decided to give it a trial run today!

I found a recipe in Pinterest HERE. Just in case you want to give it a try.

The chef is confident that anyone can do it. (I hear you shaking your head and rolling your eyes right now…but I was determined!)

I assembled the ingredients and started with the merengue shells.
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I’m feeling confident. Just look at those nice egg whites! So far so good!

This is likely where things went downhill. Everything seemed to be going according to the recipe…

The chef issued several warnings  not to over fold the batter…I I freaked a bit. I’m thinking in retrospect I didn’t fold the batter enough….

Note to self…sandwich bags are definitely a messy alternative to pastry bags. If there is a next time, get pastry bags!

I let the batter rest the prescribed time.

Baked them the shortest time called for in the recipe, but I think they could have used less time.

While the shells were cooling I made the Lemon Buttercream Filling.

The Verdict:  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! Just kidding! But clearly this takes a bit of practice. So do try it…several times before serving to your guests.

It’s a good thing I already planned a few tried and true recipes for the big day! This one will need to wait. 😊

On a bright note, Maxwell likes them! Haha! He gave it his drool of approval! So…..


How did you spend your Sunday? 😜


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