Ninnyhammer! Friday’s Word of the Day

Happy Friday…April Fools Day! Today’s Word of the Day is a timely tidbit…Ninnyhammer! It’s origin: “Ninnyhammer entered English in the late 1500s. Its first element, ninny, meaning “a fool or simpleton,” may be a pet form of the proper name Innocent.”

I love this word! It’s fun to say! “He/she is such a ninnyhammer!” rolls off the tongue quite nicely! And I do think I’ll be adding this one to my PC arsenal of go-to words for those times when my voice is within earshot of my tender, very impressionable grandchildren! An alternative to “what an ASS!” my default expletive! “What a ninnyhammer!” will do nicely and is whimsical enough to diffuse my angst! Thank you for this delightful word! I can think of several as….er ninnyhammers in my life who have earned a new nickname!

Here’s the Haiku then. Hoping that you will not have to suffer too many ninnyhammers this 1st Day of April!!!

The first of April!
a day for ninnyhammer’s 
hoping to blend in!

kat – 1 April 2016

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