Haiku Of The Day Challenge #4

Welcome to the roundup for this week’s Haiku of the Day Challenge. PJ (Priceless Joy) joined the challenge once again, selecting Monday’s word as her prompt. She will tell you that she is not a good haiku writer, but I think she does a splendid job! See her Haiku below.

I added my usual Friday word. Dictionary.com had some great words this week. Have a great week!


Monday’s Word of the Day from Dictionary.com: Apostasy – noun: a total desertion or departure from ones religion, principles, party, cause, etc.

His apostasy
had him running from the men
who wanted him dead.

PJ (Priceless Joy) @ Beautiful Words
Friday’s Word of the Day from Dictionary.com: Amaranthine – adjective: unfading; everlasting; of or like the amaranth; of purplish-red color.

Defying the years
An amaranthine grace glowed
From her twinkling eyes.

kat @ like Mercury colliding


If you would like to join us this week, here are the rules!

Word of the Day Haiku Challenge

1. Pick a day that works for you. Once you pick your day, stick to it. This is what makes it fun and quite a challenge.

2. Choose an online dictionary that features a word of the day. I use dictionary.com but there are others. Pick your go-to dictionary.

3. Create a Haiku using the word of the day. In this challenge, no synonyms allowed.

4. A Haiku is a three line poem with the syllable structures 3-5-3 or 5-7-5.

5. (Optional) If you want, you may also post a expanded history of the word, your thoughts about the word, or some unusual facts about the word of the day.

6. Post a link to your Haiku in the comments so I can find you.

7. I’ll post the weekly roll call list on Sunday. So you have until Saturday at midnight (EST) to post your haiku.

8. Have fun!

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