Touched by Lightning


Photo Credit: Al Forbes @ A Mixed Bag

Hannah loved storms. She spent hours watching strobes of lightning, counting, “one-one thousand…two-one thousand…three…” until the thunder boomed, rattling the house.

One spring day, Hannah found herself out in the elements when a massive storm rolled in.

With no shelter in sight, she headed back through the pasture toward the road where her car was parked. “What’s a little rain,” she thought, “I won’t melt!”

Suddenly, she felt a tingling from head to toe. There was a bright flash of light. Hannah didn’t see it as much as she felt it…a massive, magnificent burst of energy in every cell of her body. For a brief moment Hannah realized she had been struck by lightning. “It doesn’t hurt,” she thought. Then everything went black.

A local farmer found her after the storm. She had survived, but her recovery would be long and painful. They say that being struck by lightning is like being cooked in a microwave oven…from the inside out!

But Hannah will tell you that she still loves storms.  Since her tryst with lightning she has developed a peculiar talent. She no longer needs to count between the lightning and the thunder…she just knows.

kat ~ 17 March 2016
(196 Words)

A story in response to the photo prompt above by Al Forbes for his Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. If you would like to read other stories or enter your own, click HERE.

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