Alien Oops

(For the sake of the reader, the following account has been translated into English)

Photo Credit: Al Forbes

“Earth Fleet Andromeda…come in Ensign Gorp, we’ve received reports of a re-entry error.”

“Perhaps we should have delayed Ensign Gorp’s solo mission, Admiral. It’s critical that he corrects this error before the earth cows get eaten by African lions. We may already be too late!”

“Come in Gorp! This is Admiral Zing. Gorp?”

“Yes sir, Ensign Gorp sir, reporting.”

“Gorp, your mission was to return the African Rhinos to Africa and the cows to the farm on the American continent.”

“Yes sir! I recorded it in Andromeda’s flight log. Cows to Africa…oops!”

“Gorp it is imperative that you remedy this error immediately!

“Yes sir. I’m on it, sir!”

Gorp laser-lifted the Rhinos from the farm and zipped at light speed to Africa. With the rhinos returned, Gorp descended into hover mode.

As he approached a small village he spotted the cows. They were adorned with bells and flower garlands. Earthlings were dancing wildly around them. Gorp employed the atomic strobes, temporarily blinding the earthlings, and extracted the cows.

Back on the farm Joe Dudley was doing his morning walk-about when he saw them.

“Minnie,” he yelled back to the house, “you’re gonna want to see this.”

kat ~ 16 February 2016
(198 Words)

This recreation of a fictional event was penned in response to the photo prompt above by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction. Read other stories or enter your own by clicking HERE.

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