The Election


Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag 2016

No one suspected that something so conspicuously displayed had the potential to raze an entire city. Malcolm placed it right on the mantle. To his guests it looked like a decorative light, with flashing arcs of green and blue and purple.

It was a night to celebrate the landslide election that promised freedom from the oppressive cruelty once wielded by the now deposed regime. Their hero, a visionary, would soon take the reigns and move the city into a bright and hopeful future. Malcolm smiled as he watched his guests enjoying themselves. They deserved to be happy.

He almost forgot about the capsule. It had been his Plan B. Malcolm, you see, despite his charm and fortune, was also slightly mad. If they had lost the election, there was no reason for anyone to live. He would ensure it.

As he glanced at the mantle, the color drained from his face. The capsule was gone! A quick scan of the room revealed his worse nightmare. There on the floor a child sat shaking the cylinder, giggling as it changed colors…green, blue, purple…RED! NOT RED!

Malcolm raced toward the child shouting, “Please! put it …”

kat ~ 6 January 2016
(195 Words)

This story was prompted by the unusual photo you see above. It is definitely not a doomsday device, but according to our host, at Sunday Photo Fiction, it is a fancy speaker for his computer. If you would like to read other stories inspired by this photo or enter your own story, click HERE.

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