Sunday’s Week in Verse – 20 December 2015


Happy Sunday! And happy weekend before Christmas! As I started lifting lines from this past week’s postings things could have taken a much darker turn mid-poem (thanks to Ronovan Writes Haiku challenge of opposites). I took the more positive lines, but the tone still had a bittersweet quality. I can’t help but think of all the family gatherings that will be taking place this week. It can be wonderful and it can also test our patience.

There is something about going home that has a way of transforming us into children, with all the wonderful as well as the baggage we carry with us throughout our lives.

What I wish for you…for all of us, this holiday season is gentle reconciliations, happy memories, love and peace. Each year it is our greatest hope. And each year we have the opportunity to witness a miracle. Yes, most of all, I wish you miracles.

Sunday’s Week in Verse – 20 December 2015

I didn’t get the memo…
They may be coming, but I don’t have to like it!
Like a beast to
the trough I sift
through the backwash
of drivel and banter.
Looks deceive.
A blooming beauty,
Charmed, I’m sure.
Enchanting view from afar
After all, they had each other.
In dreamy slumber we wait
splintering in ecstasy…
That’s how she would remember…
If not for promises of spring
I think I might need an intervention.
An adjective…not a question,
It had been a long day of waiting.

~ kat

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