Candle in the Wind

It was an impossible situation. But what kind of friend would she be if she didn’t tell Terry the truth? 

Alone now at the cafe, she replayed their last conversation over and over in her mind. 

“Dannie, he’s asked me to marry him!” Beaming, Terry flashed the diamond solitaire on her left hand.

The size of the diamond was unimpressive, but that wasn’t the point. Danielle knew he was a scoundrel! How would she tell her friend that she had seen him out with another woman?

“Wow Terry! When did this happen? I take it you said yes?”

“Last night! At that lovely bistro downtown! Of course, yes…I said yes! He is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man…handsome, charming, considerate, with a good sense of humor. And you know what this means…you and I have wedding planning in our future! As my Maid of Honor….” Terry scowled, “What? What is that look? Spill it Dannie…I thought you’d be excited.”

There was no way around it. Danielle loved Terry like a sister. She couldn’t let her do this without knowing the truth. 

“Terry, you know I love you and I want you to be happy…” (Choose your words gently Danielle…) “I just…”

“Come on Dannie, what are you trying to say?”

“I just…I hate to have to tell you this…I don’t think John is who you think he is.”

“How can you say that?! We’ve been dating for over a year!”

“I know…it’s just that…well, I was in the plaza last weekend, and I saw John with this woman…”

“I’m sure you’re mistaken! It was probably a client. He does that…takes his clients to dinner to celebrate closing a deal…”

“No Terry, this was no client…he was WITH her. I’m so sorry.”

“Well! You should be sorry! You’re just jealous! You never liked John! I thought you were my friend!” Terry’s voice escalated to a shrill until everyone in the cafe was watching. “Well…just forget it. I don’t need you in my wedding!” Terry stormed out.

The other patrons returned to their conversations. Danielle’s tea grew cold. It was an impossible situation. But what kind of friend would she be if she didn’t tell Terry the truth…

Truth is like a candle in the wind for those who refuse to see it.

kat ~ 12 December 2015

A story in response to Ronovan Writes Friday Fiction Challenge. If you’d like to read more click HERE.

This week’ prompt required selecting a favorite song and using the title as the story title. The hardest part for me was selecting a favorite song! But I finally found my muse…Sir Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”.  

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