Ice Cream Tummy Aches


“They’re yelling again. They always yell. We’ll just stay here. Is that okay Lucy?”

“I don’t know why Daddy gets so mad and then Mommy cries.  It makes my tummy hurt, like when I’ve eaten too much ice cream.”


“So Lucy, what would you like to wear today? I like this pink dress. Do you like it? Okay. There, that looks nice. Let me fix your hair. I have some pink bows. You look so pretty…”

At that moment mommy yelled like Sophie had never heard her yell before, “Get out! …Just…GO!” And then the front door slammed so hard it made the whole house shake. Sophie squeezed Lucy close, burying her head in the ruffled layers of her pink dress, when she heard mommy’s footsteps coming toward the closet.

Mommy opened the door. “Oh Sophie! I’m so sorry. Are you okay? It’s going to be okay…I promise.” 

Sophie looked up. Mommy’s face was red. She had been crying. “I’m okay Mommy. Lucy doesn’t like yelling.”

“Oh, I know, I know…it’s not going to happen again. Come on. Get up my pretty girl. How about you and Lucy and I head into the kitchen for some ice cream…”

“That’s okay Mommy, my tummy hurts.”

kat ~ 4 December 2015
(205 Words)

This week’s Friday Fiction with Ronovanwrites is a Flash Fiction piece with the prompt: Using no more than 500 words, write about a child’s perspective of an adult situation. If you would like to read more stories or participate in the challenge, click HERE.

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