3 Day 3 Quote Challenge – Day 2

Happy Wednesday and Happy 3 Day 3 Quote Challenge Day #2. My selections (I chose two today) are all about the dance. I am not a good dancer. I’ve been told as much by my friends. But I am still moved by music and life, and graceful or not cannot help myself from dancing! So if you happen to be on the dance floor when I am there…you’ll recognize me as the awkward clodhopper in the middle of the floor. I won’t notice you, because I will be DANCING!  (I hope you dance 🙂

For day two I extend the invitation to join this challenge to:
Lynn at Lynz Real Cooking
Black Cherries at CherryTales
Karina at Writing the Wrong, Right, and Ridiculous

As I mentioned yesterday…if you three would like to join me, please post a quote a day and nominate three for three days. And…it’s okay if you don’t have the time. You may graciously decline. No pressure. 🙂





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