Cover & Color – A Haiku


‘Neath stained canopies
we yawn through darkening days
come winter we’ll sleep.

~ kat ~ 16 November 2015

(“Neath stained canopies we yawn through darkening days.” / “We yawn through darkening days, come winter we’ll sleep.”)

So…this week’s Haiku challenge prompts were “Cover” and “Color”. Last week I used the Thesaurus for my trio, but more as a dictionary to get ideas on various definitions of the prompt words.  This week I did a full out Thesaurus flip, switching out words in my Haiku. Thank for the reminder and suggestion Ron.  I like how this haiku turned out, while maintaining the
“color” of the prompt words, I was able to “cover” the topic using alternatives that sounded a bit more creative. For more Haiku on this prompt click HERE.

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