Guardian Angel

Photo Credit: Sonya – Only 100 Words

Emily was just toddling when they found her there at the base of the angel. Wearing a simple hand-smocked dress and a soft wool coat and hat, the note attached to the top button read, 

Please love my little Princess in all the ways I know I cannot. 

Bless you.

As fortune and perhaps a bit of guardian angel magic would have it, Emily didn’t spent too many hours alone. And very soon after, she was adopted by a new mama and daddy who loved her with all their hearts and gave her the best life any little girl could ever hope for.

All grown now, Emily fulfilled a lifelong wish venturing back to visit her angel. She stood tall and lovely against the crystal blue sky just as she remembered.

From the bench nearby she heard a vaguely familiar voice that touched her heart deeply the minute she heard it…”Princess, could it be? Is it you?”

~ kat ~ 3 November 2015
(159 Words)

A story prompted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) weekly photo challenge. To read more stories or join the challenge, click HERE.

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