Vincent’s Legacy – FFfAW Challenge

Photo Credit: TJ Paris

Vincent had invested years as an Aurelian devoted to the study of Lepidoptera. In lay terms, he was a butterfly chaser!

A rumor had sparked his latest quest to a remote village at the base of a mountain. Several locals had seen a strange looking butterfly frequenting the cliff-clinging, succulents nearby. It was a long treacherous climb to the summit but when he saw it, he knew.

“If only I could get a closer look,” he thought as he inched toward the edge.

Weeks later, search teams were only able to recover Vincent’s camera, his remains likely carried off by wild animals. 

In those final moments he managed to capture the only photographed record of his greatest discovery…a most rare butterfly that would forever be known as the “Vicentius’ Praeda Fugacior Papilio.” (Vincent’s Elusive Butterfly) 

kat ~ 20 October 2015
(137 Words)

Thanks to Priceless Joy for this week’s FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers) challenge. Phito credit to: TJ Paris! thanks TJ! to read more stories click HERE.

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