Living the Life…Monday’s Finish the Story

ยฉ 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Now this is living the life of Riley.

Riley is a beast you know. For the lives of me I don’t know what the humans were thinking!

Since he arrived, our peaceful home has been utter chaos! He forages through my privy-box tossing litter every which way, eating whatever he finds. Disgusting! He leaves puddles, or worse, in the middle of the floor! And I am most distressed that he is not content to play with his own toys but must slobber and chew mine to bits!

And here’s the thing. Despite all of this, the humans have grown quite fond of him. I cannot have them loving him more than me!

So…I arranged a bit of a catastrophe on his behalf. The humans had no choice but to scold him and lock him in his kennel.

I rather like Riley’s posh bed. It suits me, don’t you think?

kat ~ 13 October 2015
(150 words)

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