An Old Horse’s Tricks – FFfAW Challenge #31 

A new challenge from FFfAW… Thanks to William David Laughlin for the great painting! 
It was an early morning at the Double-D. Jesse lifted the towel to have a peek at the feast on the stove when the missus caught him out of the corner of her eye. 

“Not until you hitch the carriage Jesse Dean! You know I’ll get nothin’ but rags if I’m late!

A new shipment of fabric was due to arrive at the General Store today and she knew dawdling would mean slim pickings. 

The carriage was just outside the barn, but Beau was nowhere to be seen. Of all mornings! 

Jesse shook his head. Wasn’t the first time this silly old horse went missing. He knew where to find him. Just as he thought, there Beau was, hiding between the young horses. 

“You know you’re not meant for the saddle Beau. Come on now before you get us both in a heap of trouble and my breakfast gets cold.”

Kat ~ 15 September 2015 

(150 Words)

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