Living…in Color (Part 2 – Shades of Blue)


School and social activities ushered in my Blue Phase. In elementary school I spent hours losing myself in the deep cobalt hues of the stained glass in the old repurposed sanctuary that housed my first grade class. Everything was new when my favorite color was blue! Catechism at my parochial school introduced me to tangible spiritual practice and profound mysteries.

I would continue my love of blue throughout my pre-teens and teenage years shifting from the cobalt of my early years to azure and turquoise. I learned in my research that lovers of blue have a deep need for peace and harmony. These were the turbulent years of my youth. Years of dealing with the awkward gawkiness of teenage angst. A time when the mental illness of my parents ran amok untreated. A time of being homeless, living in a motel, where the most exciting thing was having a pool to swim in every day, and getting permission from the management to install our own new TV, our first color one, in place of the standard hotel issue. I lost most of my grandparents during this time, to cancers and weakened hearts. It was a turbulent time.

Such was the state of my blue years, when blue was my favorite color. By understanding the affect blue has on us, it is not surprising that I wrapped myself in blue.  The deep cobalts have a transfixing quality to them.  The azures often present with healing elements (a much needed color to have in my life during my pre-teen years). And turquoise blue, with a touch of green, recharges us during times of stress, and helps to build self esteem and confidence, while also encouraging us to hide our feelings. (my favorite color during my teen years.)  I am astonished at how I gravitated to the colors that had the potential to influence me in ways I needed most.

Next! Part 3…The Plucky Peacock/Purple-Blue Phase of my 20’s.  Can’t wait to learn more about the affects that this color potentially had on my life!

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