Living…in Color (Part 1 – The Wonder Years)


A blogger friend of mine posted recently her thoughts on the virtues of the color green. (You can read her lovely words here:  I must admit, I have grown warm to all things green in recent years.  The lush, verdant deep tones as well as the translucent sun-washed pastels.  But green has not always been my favorite color.  Throughout the various seasons of my life I have gravitated toward different favorites. It has me wondering if the colors of my life reflect my journey.

I may be over thinking this, but I do believe each color can have a specific affect on us.  Like music, color has the potential to touch our subconscious deeply.  So, to test my theory, I decided to do a little research on the psychology and meaning of color,  and to my surprise there is a whole spectrum of science, spirituality and meaning associated with color.  Clearly others have done the over thinking for me!

The first colors to capture my attention as a toddler were bright yellows, often dotted against dark backgrounds – flowers, fireflies and honeybees to name a few. The yellows gave me warm happy feelings. And there was something about artificial light as well, its golden hue disbursing the darkness drew me in like a moth to a flame. The science of color tells me that yellow is the color of the mind and intellect, original thought, inquisitiveness, enthusiasm for life. No wonder I loved it so!

Warm hues of brown, earthy and comforting, also had a deep affect on me during my formative years.  Many of the browns in my life had much to do with my mother, her eyes and hair, and the color of her full length lush, faux fur coat. I remember nuzzling against that coat while drifting off to sleep on road trips during thunder storms or on icy winter nights. Brown was also the color of my first impressions of home.  Bricks, brown window and door frames, brown floors, the brown-framed screen door that led to the back porch…my portal to the world. The color Brown, it turns out, is a friendly color, honest, genuine and sincere.  It is warm and sensitive, providing security, protection and a sense of belonging.

Once I became more mobile during my pre-school years and began exploring the world around me, my other senses started to affect my affinity for certain colors.  Flowers in particular guided my preferences to pinks and lilac/lavender hues. I would spend hours exploring my grandmother’s garden.  My love of and connection to nature rooted deeply during this season of my life. And despite my solitary appearance, I was not particularly alone. I also recall that during this time I actively engaged a crew of spirit guides who accompanied me on my adventures and saw me off to sleep beside my bed each evening.

Pink tones signify unconditional love and nurturing, naivety and sweetness, while also challenging one to be more self reliant. I find it quite serendipitous that lilac/ lavender hues were also part of my color bouquet during this season of my life. Peace, tranquility and a free-spirited qualities dancing on scented lilac breezes, and are hallmarks of purple hues.  It was indeed the most magical season of my life, sparkling with imagination and creativity.

There is much more of my color-filled world to explore.  Stay tuned for Part 2 – Shades of Blue!

For a look into the colors of your own life, here is a helpful website I found: . Happy coloring! 🙂

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