When life gives you lemon crumbles…

I had the best of intentions. Determined was I not to waste the fantastic first day of my long holiday weekend, despite battling a nasty upper respiratory and snotty head cold. Cooking always makes me feel better. That was the logic I was operating under at least.

And so, mindful of the ingredients I had on hand, I began my adventure by perusing Google for scratch-made lemon bundt cake recipes. A quick shower to clear my head and with the oven preheating, I gathered everything from the frig and cupboards feeling pleased with myself for being so productive despite the challenge of feeling icky. And all this before so much as even a cup of coffee! That might have been my first mistake!

I did feel slightly better as I sifted and blended the ingredients one by one. My favorite part of the process was zesting and juicing a fresh lemon; the two special secret ingredients that elevated this recipe from bland, boring box to scratch. Into the oven with the timer set I felt particularly accomplished to have completed the task.

But I was far from the finish. And while there is no sin in celebrating small steps along one’s way to a final goal it is wise always to keep one eye on the prize. “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” or in my case until the cake is flawlessly flipped from the pan and delicately glazed to perfection!

Somewhere between the oven and the money shot the cake missed the platter and I found myself with a pile of steaming lemon crumbs!

I had a few choices at this point. I could have tossed the whole mess in the trash and counted my losses or…

I chose the “or”. But not before stepping away from the debacle for a bit to capture my thoughts. It is a good practice, whenever facing adverse circumstances, to take a moment away from the thick of it. It is there on the sidelines, away from the pressure of the moment that I often find the most brilliant ideas just waiting to surprise and delight me.

What to do with perfectly good cake…even if it is a bit crumbly?!!!

Why of course why didn’t I think of it?! Wait! I did think of it! Save the delicious crumbs and make lovely layered fruit, cake and custard trifles! Brilliant! My guests will never know that I hadn’t planned this special dessert in the first place! And it’s okay if I don’t let anyone think any differently!  (Remembering this for future disaster saves…just let the results speak for themselves…)

And a few more lessons learned in all of this perhaps? That some of the best surprises in life are found by accident. And that we should not give up too soon in the process or we might just miss it!

(Photo of the final masterpiece coming soon! I have custard to make and trifles to assemble! 😊)


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