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Just Weeds

Dandelion doesn’t know that he’s not fine and dandy.
And bless her heart, fair Chickweed flaunts her blooms to no avail.
Sweet Violet and Clover, how they blush in warming breezes.
Wild Ivy raises leafy limbs, embracing brick and mortar to the eaves.

Silly weeds without a clue don’t realize that they are less than.
First to flower midst the fading chill in winter’s wake.
Thriving even in the spaces barren, parched and unforgiving,
No moss or fancy fertile beds constraining; wildly free!

But soon the gardeners will come a-weeding, sad but true!
To nip this native symphony mid-stanza from it’s shallow roots.
Making way for fussy Fescues, Irises, compliant, prickly Roses.
Just weeds they’ll say, but how I’ll miss their verdant, unabashed audacity!

~ kat / April 2015

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