please forgive me for grumbling

Blame it on crazy. Stir-crazy to be exact. Frustration with impatience and foolishness. People disregarding common sense and science. Ugh. I have been writing. Blabbing, blubbering. I’m tired and sad and fearful for all of us. I hope we all make it out of this alive. I really do.

Stay safe please. Do what you can to keep others safe too. We’re all in this together. Please forgive me for grumbling a bit. This place is my therapy.


I’ve grown accustomed
to sheltering in
to rising with the sun
to working at home
to feeling safe
to solitude
I don’t miss normal
the daily commute
the traffic
the gossipers
the ass-kissers
the deadlines
the frenzy of urgency
and I wonder
if the new normal
becomes normal
will it get old?


it was too much
too long, a burden,
especially when it was
others, not them or
anyone they knew, others
who were not here, there,
somewhere else, but
they were fools…when the
piper called they followed,
and danced and danced and
danced drunk on liberty never
realizing to the others they
disdained, they were others too


I don’t venture far from home
these days, I live behind a mask
sadly, though I’m not alone,
some think this is too much to ask

never mind the rising toll
of people stricken mortally
sickening rage out of control
how dare we thwart their liberty

though I know that I shouldn’t judge
the recklessness of boorish fools
the sacrifice that they begrudge
could save a life, there’s no excuse

our lives have changed forevermore
we miss the normal that we knew
I think of how things were before
change might be good, I think, don’t you?


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