Essence #22

weighed down, bent to breaking
Nol’s crown plucked for raking


Day 22 of Jane Dougherty’s Essence Poem Challenge. I haven’t meant for it to be a running weather report, but the weather has been noteworthy, and I am happy for the diversion from the disaster that is our government these days.

Yesterday, of course you know, we had a snow event. It was pretty, did not cause any traffic issues…but, it was a bit too heavy for our trees. There were reports of downed branches and public works crews on overtime cleaning up the debris. This morning as I looked out to assess the melting snow in my own back yard, my heart sank when I discovered that my beautiful young magnolia tree suffered the loss of several branches. It has only been a few seasons now that she has bloomed for me, and last summer a bird took up residence in her foliage to nest her young. I do hope we do not lose her. But trees are resilient, aren’t they? Like us, I’m thinking. Even when they suffer a break, they press their roots deep and hang on. We have another storm coming this weekend. I’m hoping the meteorologists have it wrong. (‘Nol’ is a nickname for Magnolia.)

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