Seasoning – Part 19

The Kiss by Edvard Munch 1897

Hannah smiled softly as she watched Henry eat. He had finished everything on his plate and was helping himself to more when he noticed her gaze. This time she didn’t look away.

His eyes softened as they met hers, “You’re not eating Hannah. Here I am filling my plate for a second time and you haven’t had a bite. Is everything alright?”

“It’s fine. It’s perfect.” Hannah said softly, reaching across the table.

Henry set the ladle down and reached for her, taking her hand in his. “Hannah…” he whispered.

“Shhhhh, don’t say a word Henry,” Hannah slid her fingers through his, sighing as she felt his warmth.

“Hannah, I just wanted to…”

“Shh…” she whispered, closing her eyes. “I need to know this is real Henry. If this is a dream, please don’t wake me.”

Henry stood up and bent down on one knee next to her. He brushed her eyelids with his lips and stroked her hair as he whispered in her ear, “If it is a dream Hannah, then I am afraid I am dreaming too.”

Hannah looked at him, at those eyes of his. They were so tender and so strangely familiar, “I don’t know what’s happening…”

“Shhhh…Hannah. Right now I am thinking that I want to kiss you. Would that be alright? If I kissed you?”

Hannah nodded, closing her eyes, tilting her face toward his as he lifted her up from her chair, pulling her close, his hands resting on the small of her back. She felt his breath as he moved closer, kissing her forehead, her cheeks and finally her lips, tenderly at first, but then as Hannah surrendered with an intensity that left them both trembling, clinging to one another.

Henry pulled away slightly and looked lovingly into her tear-filled eyes, “This is very real Hannah.”

“Oh Henry, yes…yes it is. I’ve dreamed of this moment my whole life. It’s you that my heart has been longing for isn’t it? It’s really you.”

“Yes, my dear, sweet Hannah, it’s me. I have dreamed about you too and now I’ve found you, just as I promised I would. Do you remember? It was another lifetime ago I think. It’s the only explanation because here we are…here you are. I remember holding you once before…”

“And there was a flood. I remember a flood. I was looking into your eyes as everything around me started to fade. Yours were the last words I heard. You said…”

“I will always love you…I will always love you…” Henry brushed the tears from Hannah’s cheeks. “I don’t understand any of this either Hannah. All I know is that I loved you once and I can’t help but think this is our chance to be together again.” Henry tightened his embrace. “Kiss me again Hannah. Now I’m the one who needs convincing that this is not a dream.”

“It is a dream Henry. A dream come true,” Hannah stood on her toes, cupped his face in her hands and kissed him softly. “You know, I could get used to this,” she smiled, her eyes flashing coyly.

“I hope so. Because I am never letting you go.”


To read previous installments of this story click HERE and scroll down to the section titles “Seasoning”. This is a fiction series originally prompted by Jane Dougherty‘s Microfiction Challenge.

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