WanderLost – Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

Happy Tuesday! My friend from “down under” Elsie,  kiwinana from the blog Ramblings of a Writer nominated me for the Three Day Quote Challenge. It’s been a while since I did one of these. Thanks Elsie!

I like to choose a theme for each day of the challenge. Actually, today it picked me, lured me in actually when I was drawn to this quote:


I love this one. It is so true and speaks to my gypsy soul!

Did you catch the theme? It has to do with wandering…and even getting lost, or what I like to call WanderLost! 🙂 This, of course led me to my next quote…a favorite of mine. In fact I have this tin plaque over the door in my room:


This is soooo me. Life is an adventure! I really don’t worry when I get lost.  Sometimes I even linger for a bit. You never know what treasures you might find in a strange new place!

Finally, I will leave you with this little gem I found with the help of my friend Google.


I have to say, this is a new favorite now. I need to post it somewhere I can see it the next time I am laboring over a decision. My heart knows the answer. I just need to pay attention.

Have a great day! I know the rules say that I need to name three people every day to play along. But true to my wandering nature, I think I will throw the invitation out to everyone. This is a fun challenge. Doesn’t take a lot of brain power. Actually, I consider inspiration brain fuel. So if you do want to give it a go…Three Quotes/Three Days, all I ask is that you ping me back so I can be inspired by the treasures you find!

Blessings and Peace! 🙂

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