Happy ONE Year Blogiversary to ME! I can’t believe I have been here for one full year! What an exciting adventure this has been. 581 posts, 18,743 views, 5,124 visitors from over 70 countries around the world and over 500 followers later…and I am blown away by the community here. To think I was nervous that first day when I set up my blog to go global, sharing the link with only a few of my closest friends! Now, a year later, I am smitten by this forum, by you, my fellow bloggers and by the freedom of expression through words that I have come to experience here. Looking forward to many more years of bloggeriffic, blogtastic, blogificent hours reading your lovely words and splatting a few of my own into this amazing little universe of ours. Hugs!

like mercury colliding...

I have stared at this blank space long enough, pouring my heart and soul into social media for wandering eyes to pass over. It’s time to get serious about my writing and art.  With that, today’s musing….

We fuss and fluster over
this and that and then some,
posturing our prerogatives
into my me mine our us-es
digging our toes into cavernous
trenches, tin-foil topped at the
ready our well rehearsed
defenses singing la-la-la …
But truth…but Truth, sweet siren
songstress, rides the wind to slay
our madness tickling
our righteous fancy with
words so simply sweet to jolt
us from egoistic rabid
stances to rouse epiphanistic
chants of ah-ah-ah!
(c) kat in May 2015

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