Biota – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku


Happy Friday and welcome to another exciting installment of Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku! Haha! Today’s word from is Biota. Originating in the early 1900’s it is based on the Greek word biotē, meaning “life”. Biota is a term used in the field of ecology. Wikipedia defines it as such:

biota is the total collection of organisms of a geographic region or a time period, from local geographic scales and instantaneous temporal scales all the way up to whole-planet and whole-timescale spatiotemporal scales. The biotas of the Earth make up the biosphere.

Here’s my haiku! Have a great weekend!

It is sad but true
some don’t give one iota
for earth’s biota.

kat ~ 22 April 2016

and a P.S. as I was just reminded…Happy Earth Day! 🙂


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