Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku – Raconteuse

Happy Friday! Time for another look at’s word of the day. Today we have a French word, raconteuse, the feminine version of raconteur. It’s another one of those lovely older words,that entered the English language in the mid nineteenth century. Both words are rooted in the French word, raconter, which means “to tell”.

I imagine some nineteenth century raconteuse, if she were a time traveler, might have a blog here in the 21st. In times of old, only a handful of people might be delighted and entertained by her stories. Today she could have a global audience!

Here’s the Haiku…

Raconteuse Haiku

Centuries ago
A raconteuse used parchment
Now she’d have a blog.

kat ~ 8 April 2016

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