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Jonathan’s grandfather had left him an old map containing a detailed description of the quarters he kept while serving as a member of the Royal Engineers, 172nd Tunneling Company.  They had been commissioned by Churchill in 1940 to dig an elaborate maze of tunnels through the chalky walls of the White Cliffs of Dover during World War II.

When the National Trust discovered the tunnels in 2013 and opened them for public tours after clearing over 40 years of debris, Jonathan reserved a ticket hoping to find the mark his grandfather had made decades earlier.

His grandfather’s map read, “One hundred twenty-five steps into the belly of the Fan Bay, bear right and continue on 12 metres or so. It’s there I left my mark for all eternity and generations to come.”

Jonathan traced his grandfather’s steps deep into the tunnel. It only took him seconds to find the initials and the date, 25 November 1940 etched into the chalk walls.  Jonathan ran his fingers over the letters carved into the wall. “This is your legacy to the world Gramps,” he thought, “But your stories? They are forever etched on my heart.” …for all eternity and generations to come…

kat ~ 9 February 2016
(199 Words )

A story inspired by the photo above for Sunday Photo Fiction’s Weekly Challenge. To read other stories or enter your own, click HERE.



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