Reflections on a Shapeshifting Leaf

While sitting on my porch this morning I caught glimpse of a single leaf clinging to a fragile tree limb that had magically shapeshifted herself into a bird. Can you see it?

I had to smile. I get it. We humans do our own shapeshifting of sorts. The inevitable fading of our youth often motivates us to attempt to delay the aging process. We slather creams on our faces to soften our wrinkles, apply color to our graying manes, squint our way through the morning paper rather than don bifocals, and make silly, age inappropriate fashion statements. 

But as I reflected on my friend, the leaf-bird, I couldn’t help thinking. Maybe it’s time to stop clinging to the tree. To spread those wings. To ride the wind. To loop and twirl in glorious freedom and joie de vivre. A spring and summer spent bursting with life deserves this final hurrah! Through it all she weathered storms, sheltered hatchlings, danced in the sun and added her sparkling voice to the wind swept chorus of her sister leaves. That leaf, like me, has one magnificent dance left to dance!

And I am reminded in this moment to embrace my smile lines. They are evidence of a happy life. And my furrowed brow lines too, for I have weathered many storms and survived. Grateful am I for bifocals that help sharpen my view…and keep me from bumping into things. And oh how I love my comfortable clothes…bright colorful sweaters and stretchy blue jeans that loosely drape my softening body, and also my practical flat shoes. 

There is wisdom in embracing each season of life…to settling into autumn and relishing in that final hurrah still left in me. Oh yes! This is my season to let loose in unabashed confidence. To appreciate all that has brought me to this place of authenticity. Winter may be coming, but for now the wind is calling me to dance and it’s going to be fabulous! 

Oh…and a disclaimer…I may still indulge in coloring my hair…but not the blond of my youth. This season definitely calls for red!😊

kat – 28 November 2015

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