Farmyard Fracas

Photo Credit: Sonya- Only 100 Words

“Ahhhhh whhaaaaahh whahhh whhhhaaaa! There he goes again, flaunting that obnoxious white plumage of his!”

“Cockalorum! He makes me sick!”

“Just look at that peahen turning herself inside out, trying to get his attention. Someone should ban him from the barnyard!”

“He’s a mutant you know. His kind are all show! I don’t think he has one peachick to his name. He just uses our peahens. Scoundrel!!!”

“You’re right. We just need to be patient.”

“Wait! Is she looking our way?!”

“She is! It’s strut-time! Good luck buddy.”

“Ahhhhh whhaaaaahh whahhh whhhhaaaa! May the best peacock win!”

~ kat ~ 16 November 2015
(98 Words)

A story for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. To read more click HERE.

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