Adventures of a Reluctant Gardener Part 3…On the Brink

Tonight…tonight some 39 years ago, I became a mother to a dark, curly haired sprite who would change my life forever. Tonight…this night, as the moon glows just a breath from fullness, I experienced the thrill of another kind of “mothering”. That silly volunteer tomato plant, that calls my back porch home, is laboring with her first fruits.    This will be another truly life changing moment for this reluctant gardener!


As I enter the last chapters of my time on this planet, I find myself falling into step more easily, rhythmically, with the ebb and flow of the tides and changing seasons. Daughter to Mother to Grandmother…planting, watering, harvesting…letting go of those things that no longer serve me on my journey, and starting new, embracing change again and again.


Tonight as I surrender my soul to the surging energy of this month’s special Full Blue Moon, embracing some unrealized dreams now rising to the surface, it is comforting to reflect also on some past great shifts in my journey…mothering in its many forms. All of them bringing life and light into the world…my world. And to wonder about the new life sparks just on the other side of tomorrow calling me to the dance!

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