Aubade of the Passerines

at dawn’s first light, a symphony
of warbles, clicks and trills
love come hither, here am I, here am I
from love-nests in the trees
it is the gentleman who sing
to woo their ladies tenderly
hoping for a morning tryst
beneath the azure canopy
while the earth’s asleep and still
love come hither, here am I, here am I
aubade of the passerines


As promised, the Magic 11 poem – my variation on the Magic 9 poem, a 9-line poem that doesn’t have any rules as far as meter or subject matter–just a rhyme scheme: abacadaba. In my variation, the Magic 11 abracadabra poem, the r’s are intact, placeholders for a refrain. Rhyme scheme: abRacadabRa. (R for the refrain). I do love a good refrain!

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