Headlines – Terza Rima 2b

angry throngs at eateries, pols surround
aghast, the marked elite demand civility
long dead at their own hand, the burned stand ground


The story behind today’s headline…Poor Trumpsters are being confronted at restaurants these days. They are crying for civility and to be allowed to nosh in peace. But there is no rest for the weary who they’ve lied to and who they disdain while storing up riches for themselves. I say game on. Let them eat …wait…cake is too good for them. To these cowards who took advantage of the angry masses to get elected into power…let us show you angry…up close. Civility is dead, but remember you killed it.

Thanks Jane Dougherty for prompting us to write every day. It is soooo therapeutic. Keeps my head from exploding!!! 🤣😳🤣

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