Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 29 April 2018

Today’s ReVerse is loaded. In just 25 random lines (yes, I counted) acid streams of my subconsciousness have spilled out on a screen and are now glaring at me. If I didn’t do this little looking back exercise every week, I’d be tempted to scrap this one, declaring that it just didn’t make sense this week. It would be true, of course, to the innocent bystander, but not to me. You know how when you are young, with the whole world and life’s possibilities ahead of you, and hopeful? And then at some point you realize that life has no interest in bolstering your best laid plans because life is a crapshoot and the dealer is on the take to the highest bidder, and you’re not it, not by a long shot? So you settle into your unlucky self, count your losses, and call it a night, not realizing that the whole thing was rigged against you from the start? Don’t ask me why. Hell if I know. But it comes down to this. Life is disappointing sometimes. Of course it has its spectacular moments, but sometimes it doesn’t, and we find ourselves settling because we’re tired of fighting. And we grow accustomed to things being just okay and realize that okay is okay. Today’s ReVerse is all that, for me at least. I guess you had to be there.

On a side note…Happy Full Pink Moon! It sounds innocuous…full…pink. But the astrological facts surrounding this month’s lunation shed more light on this past week’s regurgitations perfectly. As one seer explained, “this full moon is all about bringing toxic emotions to the surface and releasing them.” Yup, I tasted the sour ick and felt the burn as this collection of lines spewed out. That explains it. I am as powerless against Luna’s wiles as the tides. But I shall surrender each grain of sand to that sea of oblivion, if you will. At next week’s ReVerse I hope resume my light, line by line banter about spring flowers and the weather, with occasional jabs at political fools. Until then, go gently in your corner of the world. If you wondered why all the sludge you’d thought you’d buried long ago, rose to the surface this week, you can blame it on the moon. Today is the day to let it all go. Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 29 April 2018

a sign spring’s coming soon, on the brink
when stars realigned and…
can you hear the rose petals laughing, leaves trembling?
i’m warming to the gray
it is a party
but not love
songbirds at dawn, mourning doves
they always knew.
let’s stop this lunacy
like tiny worlds within worlds,
in the cool misty brume
where most anything flies, pigs and crime
little things…like details, lies, and small talk…they make me crazy.
c’est le sweet spot d’une fleur, ooh-la-la!
none of us could have saved you.
beautiful flowers cling
watching, that black-eyed stare
innocence intact, not jaded
a forgotten craft
but already tides swoon
Forgive me for not saying goodbye this time.
breathe deeply the dawn
open to life’s hope
it is not out there
sweetness aching red


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